Rules of conduct at the sex club

In the adult movie theater and the adjoined rooms, we have some rules that must be followed by all visitors. This is to ensure that everybody has a good and safe visit. We encourage all our visitors to read the rules of conduct before visiting us. Violation of any rules will be cause for suspension.

  • Smoking is forbidden in all rooms – it is possible to smoke in the private yard.
  • Visible intoxication or being under the influence of any other substances is not allowed.
  • Discretion and anonymity are important in the sex club and cinema – It is therefore not allowed to share who you meet at the club.
  • Always keep a good hygiene – Make sure to clean up after yourself and make sure to have a good personal hygiene before your visit – there are shower rooms at the club.
  • A “no” must always be respected – You must always ask permission before you touch anybody.
  • Use of condoms is required unless there is a mutual agreement that says otherwise – It is the involved persons responsibility to remember to use condom.
  • It is not allowed to take pictures or film in any of the rooms.
  • There is not any dress code in the cinema or the club.
  • You must be min. 18 years old to enter.
  • Food and drink must be enjoyed in the private yard – please make sure that you clean up after yourself. 

Respect each other’s boundaries 

To ensure a god experience for everybody, it is important that our visitors respect each other and the individual boundaries of each person. One of our most important rules are therefore, that a “no” always means no and must be respected.  

You must ask permission before you touch another person. As a guest you are always in your right to reject another guest by saying “no, thank you”. If somebody says no to you, you respect the persons decision by moving away. It is also common practice to respect a closed door. 

Is the door to a room open, you are free to look. If you wish to join in, you will need to ask permission before entering the room. If the door is closed this must be respected. Many of the private rooms have gloryholes. You are always welcome to use these. 

Good hygiene and cleanliness

To have a good experience at the sex club and cinema it is important to have a good hygiene and a general level of cleanliness. Therefore, we ask our visitors to make sure they have a good personal hygiene before visiting. If you need it, there are two shower rooms at the club, that you are free to use.

Besides a good personal hygiene, we also ask our visitors to clean up after themselves. All rooms and facilities are cleaned daily by professional cleaners, but we do need help from our visitors to keep the rooms clean and presentable during opening hours. 

An adult cinema and club without a dress code

Many adult movie theaters and sex clubs have a dress code – meaning a special kind of attire. At our club and cinema, you can come as you are. We do not have any dress code. This means that you can come in the close that you find most comfortable. There can be special events where there is a dress code. You can always keep yourself updated on the website.

Anonymity and discretion 

We do our best to ensure a safe and discreet experience for our visitors. Therefore, we always encourage our guests to be discreet when they visit us. This means, that you don’t talk to others about who you meet at the club and cinema. For the same reason it is strictly forbidden to film or take pictures in any of our rooms.