Sex club in Aarhus – a naughty meeting place

At Paradisgade 11 in the central Aarhus you will find Denmark’s oldest adult movie theater. It is a meeting place where you can come alone or with a partner and enjoy a wide range of naughty films. In the movie theater we show different genres of pornos, such as hetero, bi, gay and trans. There will be something for everybody. 

It is up to you whether you want to enjoy your experience with the other visitors or use one of our private rooms. We have private rooms with screens, beds and gloryholes in the movie theater and the backhouse. There is also access to shower rooms from the movie theater. 

You can count on a discreet and safe experience when you visit the adult movie theater Aarhus. We have a self-service entrance gate where you can buy your ticket with credit card, without any interaction with personal. We have video surveillance and an intercom at the entrance to ensure a safe experience for all our visitors.

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Discreet entrance

Discretion is of course a virtue at our adult movie theater. For the same reason we have a self-service entrance. This means that you can go into the movie theater and leave it again with interacting with any personnel.  We have an intercom at the gate which can be used Monday to Friday from 11 am to 7 pm, if you have any problems. 

Entrance is also very discreetly placed in a small street in the central Aarhus. You buy your entrance ticket at the gate, after which you can go in. Your ticket is valid for as long as you like. You can pay with credit card at the entrance. If you wish to pay with cash, you can do so at the sexshop Tys Tys at Paradisgade 17 in the shops opening hours.  

You leave the movie theater through the same gate from which you entered. When you leave, your entrance ticket is no longer valid. If you wish to enter again, you will need to buy a new ticket. It is not allowed to smoke inside the movie theater, but there is a closed yard where you can smoke without leaving.

Everybody is welcome at the movie theater

The adult movie theater is for everybody. Both men and women over 18 years a welcome. The movie theater is open for everybody who wants an exhilarating experience – both alone and together with others. In the cinema we show pornographic films of different genres and categories so there is something for everybody.

On the big screen we show different movies on a pre-determined schedule. If you want to control which movie you see, you can use one of our many private rooms. Here you will have your own screen and access to more than 10.000 pornographic movies in a wide range of categories.  

When you visit the movie theater it is up to you, whether you want to enjoy the movies alone or in the company of others. The movie theater and the back house have more than 15 gloryholes – many of them are placed in the movie theater. The whole house offers a range of exciting facilities.  

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A safe place to visit

Safety is of course an important thing. You must feel safe when you visit our adult movie theater. That is why we have installed video surveillance at the entrance. We have signs to make our visitors aware of this at the entrance. The surveillance is there to ensure that everybody can feel safe.

We also have an intercom at the entrance. This can be used in case of any problems in the opening hours of the nearby sexshop Tys Tys (Monday-Friday 11am-7pm). The entrance is without personnel and there will therefore not be any staff present in the opening hours of the adult movie theater.

You can contact personnel through the intercom or make an inquiry via email, if you have questions. The rooms and facilities of the movie theater is of course cleaned and checked everyday outside of opening hours. You can therefore always expect a clean and hygienic experience when you visit our adult movie theater. 

The first adult movie theater in Denmark

Have you ever visited the oldest adult movie theater in Denmark? You have when you have visited us. The previous owner opened the doors to Denmark’s first adult movie theater back in 1967. As a true pioneer, he may have seen the release of pornographic material in Denmark coming – either way, it happened already the year after the movie theater opened. 

Besides being the first adult movie theater in Denmark, we can still proudly say that we are the only one in Aarhus and the nearby area. We are therefore the place to be if you want a new erotic experience. Behind our discreet entrance you will find an exciting world of facilities such as gloryholes, dark rooms and much more. 

We continuously work hard to carry on the proud tradition as the first adult movie theater in Denmark. We often have events, where we invite old as well as new visitors to thrilling themes and special occasions. We also keep improving and renewing our facilities, so you always have a good time when you visit us.

An adult movie theater with everything you need

Today the adult movie theater has a wide range of facilities to meet any need. Among other things we have private rooms with TV and bed, a sauna, a sex swing, gloryholes and all the SM equipment that you could need. Many of our facilities allows you to live out your wildest fantasies. 

We have space enough for everybody – and you decide whether you want to enjoy the facilities alone or together with some of the other visitors. You are welcome to visit us alone or together with a partner. We have facilities to match every visitor and wish. This ensures you a good time regardless of your needs and wishes. You are of course always welcome to just have a look and see what we have to offer. 

As an adult movie theater that is open for everybody, we of course also provide movies for every taste and liking. Therefore, you will find pornographic films in categories such as hetero, bisexual, gay and trans. You can choose what you want to see among our online collection of more than 10.000 movies. We welcome any sexual orientation, and we are also the perfect place if you are curious about new experiences.

Experience something new in our adult movie theater

Maybe you want to shake things up in the relationship? Or maybe you are searching for a new tantalizing experience as a single man or woman? No matter what, our adult movie theater in Aarhus is the place to go. We offer a wide range of facilities, that gives you the opportunity to live out some of your wildest fantasies. An adult movie theater can be enjoyed alone as well as in the company of others.

Women and men over 18 years are welcome every day in the movie theater, the adjoined rooms, and facilities. It is the perfect meeting place if you are curious and searching for new experiences. As a visitor it is always safe to just come and have a look. Our facilities are open for everybody after paid entrance. You can read more about our facilities as well as information about opening hours, prices, and rules here on the website. 

At the adult movie theater in Aarhus, we want everybody to feel safe and to have a good experience. Therefore, you are always welcome to contact us if you have questions regarding anything about the movie theater and the adjoined facilities and rooms. You can also find more information about facilities, prices, and opening hours right here.