Facilities at the sex club in Aarhus

At the adult movie theater, you will find a wide range of facilities to make your experience even better.

  • 15 gloryholes in both the movie theater and the back house
  • Dark room
  • Private rooms with beds
  • 2 bathrooms with showers
  • Sauna
  • TV room with pornographic film on a big screen
  • Sex swing 
  • SM cross 
  • Czech room/gloryhole
  • Private yard where smoking is allowed

In the adult movie theater, you can choose from more than 10.000 pornographic movies. It is up to you to decide what you want to see, and you will have full access to our entire online collection. Our selection is divided into categories such as bisexual, hetero, trans and gay. There will be something for everybody.

Something for everybody 

In the cinema and the adjoined back house, you will find different facilities that will ensure you an exciting visit. We can among other things provide a dark room, sauna, as well as 15 gloryholes dispersed over the whole building. You can be sure to find something that will entice you.

If it is the first time that you are visiting, you are free to use your time getting acquainted with the different rooms and facilities. We have rooms that are more private and rooms which is open. We also have a private yard, which is only accessible for our visitors. 

We invite you into a world of tantalizing experiences. There will be plenty of fun possibilities that will ensure to make the visit unforgettable whether you visit us alone or as a couple. If you want to take a closer look before you visit us, you are welcome to look through our gallery in which you can see some of your facilities. 

Private rooms

We have many different rooms and some of them are so-called private rooms. Here it is possible to close the door or enjoy yourself in more private settings. A general rule says that a closed door must be respected. This means that if the door is closed, it is not allowed to open it and ask to join. 

If the door on the other hand is open, it is always allowed to look, and you can also ask if you can join in. It is of course important that you always ask permission before entering an occupied room or touching another visitor. A “no” must always be respected. 

Adjoined with the big movie room we have two private rooms with small screens. Here you can choose which adult movie you want to se. You can choose between more than 10.000 pornographic movies. The two private rooms a connected with a gloryhole. 

Gloryholes, a sex swing and SM equipment 

Besides making room for having a good time available, we of course also have all the right equipment. Some equipment can be quite difficult to have at home. Therefore, you will find both a sex swing and a SM cross in the backhouse. 

To use a gloryhole is also a fantasy for many, that can be difficult to make come true any other place. Both in the cinema and the adjoined backhouse you will find 15 gloryholes. We also have a czech room with a gloryhole for the entire lower body. 

We encourage you to explore the many different rooms and equipment. It is perfectly fine to just observe, and you never have to participate or be with anybody if you don’t want to. It is always allowed to visit us just to look or enjoy the good company. We have facilities to meet any need and wish.