Find the sex club in Aarhus

The adult movie theater is in the central Aarhus. The discreet entrance is placed at Paradisgade 11, Aarhus C. The central location means that there is a lot of different bus connections nearby – both at Nørre Allé and Klostertorv. It is also possible to park close to the entrance. 

Despite the central placing, we have managed to create a discreet entrance. The entrance has a self-service gate, where you pay with credit card for your entrance ticket. Because the entrance is a self-service gate you can visit the movie theater without any contact with personnell. The entrance has video surveillance. 

Here on the website, you can read more about opening hours, rules, and prices.

Parking near the adult movie theater

If you are traveling in car, there are several possibilities for parking nearby. You can park along Paradisgade or use the parking facility “Latinergården” which is at Borggade 6. You will have to pay for parking. We always recommend our visitors to be aware of and check the current parking rules.